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Just a few rules to get down before we start:

1. No swearing. I mean, I'm okay with PG-13 rated stuff on the board, but I have never seen much reason for swearing.

2. If you see a doodle without a comment, please do not comment on it until the artist gets a chance to say what he/she wants to say first.

3. NO HENTAI!!! I think I have a right to request that. --;

4. I would -rather- you do Jyoumi-related stuff on this oekaki, but that's going a bit far. So the only restriction I have is--make sure your doodles are from Digimon Adventure.

5. I would rather not have yaoi stuff on here. I mean, you can do guy/guy pictures, but not in a romantic sorta way. If you want ANOTHER board to allow that sort of thing THAT badly, I'll make another board for it. But let's keep this one straight.

6. Don't post something unless you put some real effort into it. No two, five, or ten minute scribbles (unless it's some masterpiece or something). This board will get -way- too crowded if I allow stuff like that to take over this board. I want this board to be controlled.

7. I'm going to have to limit drawings to three per person per day. (Sorry!) So make them count!

8. This board is for people who want to put effort into their drawings. There are plenty of other boards around if you just want to waste time n' scribble.

9. No original characters, and no Mary-Sue pictures. You may only draw characters that the majority of Digimon fans will recognize.

10. I don't want any ridiculous pictures posting how you feel, or anything like "I'm going now..." or stuff like that. This board is for people who seriously want to make lovely pieces of artwork, and if I personally do not feel that you have put some effort into your drawings--if it does not at least appear to me that they've had thought and effort put into them, they will be deleted, no questions asked. If you want me to explain the reasons for any of these rules, e-mail me.

11. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a MESSAGE BOARD. This is a board to display your artwork. If you want to chat and gab, I will gladly put up a separate board for that. I reserve the right to delete any pictures that I feel do not belong on my oekaki board.

12. You can put non-Jyoumi couplings on the board, but anything that conflicts the Jyoumi stance is restricted. I think I have the right to ask that.

13. Pictures of the Digi-Destined only. No pictures of Digimon only.

14. Since I've had to cut down on the amount of pictures allowed on the board, I'm going to have to limit your pictures to two drawings a day. So make it count. Seriously. I will delete any pictures that I do not deem "effort-full" if I so please. No questions asked.

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